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Accepting Applications For 2023 Only

Attracting qualified, motivated board members is critical to the effectiveness and sustainability of this organization, so the job of building a board must be about more than just filling slots. It is about being strategic in the way a board looks at its composition related to its responsibilities. GCDFLDC is seeking the talents of individuals who want to give back to the community they live, work and thrive in. 


Who are we looking for?  YOU!  The person with desire and a drive to succeed. Whatever your background, you have a talent to share.  We will provide the platform to grow.  Here is just a brief outline of Directors’ responsibilities:


1. Regularly attend board and committee meetings.

2.Commitment to active participation on the board and related committees.

3. Stay informed about board and committee matters, prepare for meetings, and review and assess board reports.

4. Sustain and maintain a collegial working relationship with fellow Directors. 

5. Is an active participant in the committee's annual evaluation and planning efforts.

6. Participates in fund raising for the organization and makes a personal contribution to the organization.

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